Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Damsel in Defense

I just have to share with you this website I stumbled upon the other day. It's called damselindefense.com. Yes you read that right, Damsel in Defense NOT Damsel in Distress. 

Damsel in Defense is a company completely dedicated to the protection of women. They focus on selling quality defense products such as stun guns and pepper spray. They ensure that all of their products are made completely safe to handle and completely fashionable! I already have my eye on a couple stun guns I'd just love to have! 

Party Pilottiny
Isn't this stun gun so cute?!?! It's called Tiny Take down and it fits in your purse!
Damsel in Defense has other products as well such as the Hermergency Kit which includes more basic essentials such as an emergency blanket, survival food, and jumper cables (which are pink by the way). It's the perfect kit to keep in your car just in case anything may happen. Other than the Hermergency Kit they also offer the Security On The Go Kit which has a cool gadget called: Where's Yo Baby?" (I couldn't help but laugh when I read this). It's a key chain alarm system that is battery operated and can be used as a wristband as well.

The best part about their products are that they all include a life time warranty. I completely applaud what the founders of this website created. Living near a major city security is a very important thing, especially as a women. Feel free to visit their website where you can purchase products, host a party, or become a sales associate for the products!

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