The Rambler

Hey Everyone!

First off, thanks for taking the time to read my blog! As a young mom, student, waitress and a freelance writer I needed an outlet to,well, breathe. I enjoy getting lost in young adult general fiction books as well as write my own. I someday wish to own white empty room with an old-fashioned type writer placed right in the center of it on a single black table. Other than reading and writing I enjoy pretty things, frozen yogurt, beaches, anything purple or small, event planning, playing rugby, sleeping, water parks, sparkly things, pizza, lots and lots of pizza, baking, and dressing up my son.I've been blessed with a beautiful baby boy named Cory at the early age of nineteen. Ever since I've been blindly taking each step through the journey of parenthood. Not one parent has it all figured out and I am not going to claim that I do. This is why I created this blog, to be able to share my findings as a parent, to be able to have a place to just let go, and most importantly to be able to just, well write. 

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