Sunday, April 13, 2014

How to Help Your Little Ones Enjoy the Outside

As I sit outside on this beautiful April day I can't help but be happy. Warm weather has this magical capability of making even the grumpiest person happy. I know I was fulfilled with joy when I opened my door to go to church with the sun beating down on me. It was my son's first outside adventure as we took him to a park in the neighborhood. I got to dress him up in these adorable sunglasses and baseball cap. I also had the joy of wrestling to put sunscreen on him. The look on his face as I pushed him on the baby swing made my day. His eyes were wide with curiosity and his toothless smile didn't hesitate to convey his excitement. It's the small things that make life magnificent and it's easy to really notice those things when it's not below thirty degrees outside.

When your parents to an infant its difficult to find ways to play with him or her, especially when they are still really little. Below is a couple of ideas of things you can do with your little one outdoors! That way you both can share the magic of a beautiful day.

Backyard Tummy Time
If your little one isn't onto the crawling stage yet having tummy time outside is the perfect way to play outdoors. First lay a blanket on the grass in your backyard. Then, sit down and place the baby on his her tummy. It will be fun to watch your little one wiggle around. It will also be good motivation for your little one to lift his or her head to look around while strengthening their neck mussels.

Bubbles Mania
Almost all babies (at least the ones I've encountered) love bubbles. It's so funny to see their little hands reach up for the bubbles in awe. Take your little one outside to sit on the porch or in the lawn. You can either turn on a bubble machine or blow the bubbles yourself. Just make sure the bubbles you purchase are safe if consumed because your baby will most likely try to eat them.

Go On A Stroll
Pick a park near your home that has a scenic walkway the pack your stroller and go! Your baby will love the scenery around him or her and will enjoy the feeling of the movement. Going on a stroll will also benefit you whether it be for burning off that extra baby weight to erasing the stresses of the day. Both you and your baby will enjoy the ride.

Have A Bigger Bath Time
If you have an small inflatable baby pool blow it up in the back yard then fill it with water and bubbles. It's important to make sure the water is shallow. Next, fill the pool with as much of your baby's bath time toys as you can. Place your baby in the middle and watch as him or her splash around and play with both the bubbles and toys. It will allow your little one to cool off as well as yourself!

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